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[4-24-04 (fog and KI)]

A beautiful Saturday spent at Kings Island.

[4-19-04 (aquarium)]

Photos from the Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati skyline.

[4-16-04 (the yard)]

These were mostly taken in my yard. Some of them turned out quite good.

[4-10-04 (Cincinnati, OH)]

Photos taken in beautiful downtown Cincinnati.

[3-27-04 (work 2)]

More photos from the office.

[3-25-04 (the storm)]

Some photos taken on the car ride home from Toyota.

[3-5-04 (work)]

I took my camera to work and snapped a few photos.

[2-19-04 (stratus sunset)]

Photos I took when I got home from work.

[2-19-04 (skinnycore)]

Just some photos of me sporting some clothes I got at the thrift store.

[1-11-04 (NAIAS 2004)]

Photos from the 2004 North American International Auto show  in Detroit.

American Asian European
[1-6-04 (by the river)]

Photos of the tomb and power plant in North Bend, Ohio.

[12-29-03 (rainy day)]

Rainy day photos and a few random ones taken around the same time.

[12-23-03 (birdcore)]

There were a ton of birds by my house so I grabbed my camera and took some shots.

[12-18-03 (snowy night 2)]

Some more random night shots of snow around Bowling Green.

[12-12-03 (Kohl Party)]

Photos of my friends and me taken during the Kohl Christmas party.


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