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[12-6-03 (snowy night)]

A few photos taken on my walk back to my dorm.

[12-2-03 (studycore)]

Photos taken in between while studying.  Chris took all the fly photos.

[11-30-03 (Alicia)]

Some photos of Alicia. She's a cutie.  A little Photoshop in this gallery too.

[11-25-03 (Thanksgiving break)]

Photos of friends taken over my Thanksgiving break.

[11-18-03 (night shots)]

I took these photos on the way back to my dorm from the tech building.

[11-18-03 (random 3)]

More random photos from my BG adventures.

[11-10-03 (exploring)]

After class on Monday, Chris and I explored a bunch of buildings on campus.

[11-8-03 (Friday night fun)]

Friday night I hung out with Jen. Kristin, Jane, Chris and my camera.

[11-3-03 (coins and leaves)]

These are some photos I've taken the last few days. I love autumn.

[10-30-03 (random 2)]

Just some random photos from my room and around campus.

[10-23-03 (prototype)]

This is the prototype my manufacturing group built for our class project.

[10-23-03 (laundry)]

I took these while doing laundry downstairs in good ole Chapman.

[10-22-03 (random)]

Just some random photos of me and stuff in my room.

[10-16-03 (Ozma)]

Ozma played a rock'n show on my birthday in Bowling Green, Ohio.

[10-14-03 (fun with colors)]

It started by accidentally placing my thumb over my flash. Then I just went nuts.


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