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[10-12-03 (fall break)]

A few photos I took over fall break while in Cincinnati.

[10-11-03 (Kings Island 2)]

My trip to King's Island over fall break.

[10-7-03 (on the desk)]

Some photos i took on my desk.

[10-6-03 (galley and dvd player)]

The Galley is the coolest place on campus.  The inside of my DVD player is amusing too.

[10-3-03 (green shirt)]

Me in a green shirt.


[9-24-03 (math sci)]

The math science building is a great place for photos.  Also, I love MR2s.


[8-30-03 (bg nights)]

Photos taken around BG one of the nights my friends came to visit me.


[8-21-03 (vacation)]

Photos taken on while on vacation with my family in Canada and New York.


[8-10-03 (Louisville)]

The coolest skate park I've ever been to.  And some random shots mixed in.

[7-16-03 (Kings Island 1)]

Photos taken on a trip to Kings Island.


[7-4-03 (No Side's Right)]

No Side's Right playing at the Void, and some other photos.


[6-15-03 (airport)]

Some photos taken at the Cincinnati Northern-Kentucky Airport.

[4-6-03 (Taking Back Sunday)]

Went all the way to Chicago to see Taking Back Sunday. They were amazing.


[1-13-03 (NAIAS 03)]

This place is heaven to me. The '03 North American International Auto Show



A large collection of photos taken before 2003.


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