My name is Craig.  I'm a college student studying mechanical design at Bowling Green State University.  I love (in no order) drawing, skateboarding, photography, shopping at thrift stores, automobiles, music, and too many other things to list.

The 'indeed311' name came about in high school.  It started as just being an AIM screen name, but since then it's basically become my net identity.  I used to say 'indeed' all the time and I still do I guess.  311 has been one of my favorite bands for quite awhile so that is where that came from.

Music and photography are two of my highest interests.  I'm into a lot of musical genres and enjoy attending concerts.  My favorite bands include (again, in no order because it's always changing): Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, Silverstein, MxPx, 311, Blink 182, Relient K, Adam Green, Thursday, Saves The Day, Broken Cedars, Straylight Run, Quarashi,  From Autumn to Ashes, Zebrahead, and Dillinger Escape Plan... just to name a few.  Last year I got involved with the campus radio station, 88.1 wbgufm, which broadcasts both over the air and over the internet.

Photography has become my main hobby over the last few years.  Even though I don't have the greatest camera, I love taking pictures of everything.  If I have my camera, I have entertainment.  I don't think i am a master, but some of my stuff turns out pretty decent in my opinion.  I use this site to post most of my photography.  I put my favorite photos on deviantart.

If you want to check out another of my bios, check out my lj user info.

Good times.